Introducing Metropolis
a Tokenized Blockchain Employment Ecosystem

The entire goal of Metropolis is to create a platform where it is easy and cost effective for employers to connect with top talent. Developing our Employment Ecosystem on a blockchain where data will be 100% verified.


Metropolis is the first employment ecosystem that is securely run on a blockchain and tokenized for ease of use.  Applicants can now control their career path without the nuisance of unskilled recruiters spamming their emails, phones, pagers, smoke signals, etc. with mismatched positions.  Employers will have the luxury of only receiving highly qualified profiles that meet their hiring expectations within minutes.

Remember the days when you bought a house from a realtor who used a book that was issued only once a month? Or, when you wore L.A. Gears with fins on the side and a Hypercolor shirt with shoulder pads! How about those awesome perms? Luckily all of these things have changed FOR THE BETTER right? So why are we still hiring people the same way we did in the 80’s? Oh, we think we have made headway but we simply send emails to jobs posted on websites now instead of replying via snail mail to ads in the paper. Until NOW. Introducing Metropolis.

We are tokenizing Metropolis for ease of use and to incentivize and drive appropriate behaviors and patterns in applicants and employers. We are building this on top of Dragonchains blockchain for security, flexibility and scalability. The entire goal of Metropolis is to create an employment platform where it is easy and cost effective for employers to connect with top talent. We are creating an ecosystem that is valuable because of the information it contains, where data drives hires.

Now that Metropolis is here, we are taking hiring back from the 80’s and giving it all the modern technology it deserves, (Machine Learning, complex algorithms, AI, Blockchain) while simplifying the process for both employers and applicants. Say goodbye to the traditional way of finding a job and welcome to an era where the value of a token can secure your career path!

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The Team

Wesley McVay (CEO)

Wes is Founder and CEO of Metropolis. He has over 10 years of Sales and Recruiting experience working with various companies including Microsoft, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Dragonchain, and the NFL. He is a leader who does so by example, is passionate about whatever he puts his mind to, and strives to leave a positive impact wherever he goes.

Scott Olson (COO)

Scott is Founder and COO of Metropolis. He has over 10 years of Recruiting and Sales experience specializing in Information Technology, Healthcare, and Aerospace. He has worked with major companies such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, Starbucks, and the NFL. He takes pride not only in the company he represents, but also branding himself in the marketplace as trustworthy and reliable.

Paul Sonier (Advisor)

Paul is the Chief Technology Officer at Dragonchain. Paul came to Dragonchain from Disney, where he was a Lead Engineer on several projects including Cloud Deployment and Photopass modernization. He also worked with Joe and Eileen on the early versions of Dragonchain. Paul has a degree from Carnegie Mellon University, over 20 years of Software Engineering experience, and a lifelong thirst for learning and technology.

David Clark (Advisor)

David Clark is a Client Account Director for Microsoft at ExperisIT. He works with enterprise technology leaders within Microsoft in creating business and technology initiatives then delivering optimal resource expertise, services and support. David has been in IT sales and consulting in both individual contributor and Owner/CEO roles in the Pacific Northwest since 2008. David has enjoyed many successful partnerships with companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Expedia, Walt Disney and others.

Dragonscale Incubator Partner

Metropolis is proud to be a part of Dragonchain's incubator project system. With Dragonchain, Metropolis is able to bring the most secure, flexible, and scalable Blockchain technology to the Employment Industry.

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